We ❤️ Our Alumni!!


Thanks for visiting our website! We have big plans to connect with alumni at our 42nd Annual Marching Band Festival. 



If you haven't reserved your spot for this special event, email Rhoda Smith at uschsalumniband@gmail.com.


Interested in Hoagies? We have 3 types: Italian, Turkey with Cheese, and Cheese.

All hoagies are $8 and help reduce the cost of our DISNEY TRIP for all students. There are no individual accounts.


Email Amanda McQuillan (katmcquillan19@gmail.com) if you'd like to place an order. 


More info can be found on our Hoagie Sale page.



We're trying to map our sales territories, and we will be sure to send someone you're way if you let us know your street. Thanks!

Wish you could help but don't live near USC?



Donations are always accepted! Visit our Donations page for more info.


Alumni Newsletter

We hope to have newsletters published twice a year with updates and news about our alumni. 


To receive our newsletter, you can either:

  1. Create an account on this website. Go to our Home page and click Create Account to get started. Select ALUMNI and you will be guided through the registration process.
  2. Email Alison at uscbandforms@gmail.com with the subject Alumni Newsletter and you'll be signed up. 


Mr. Pickell's Page Click here

Ms. Shoemaker's Page Click here

Marching Band

Everyone please note:  All polos & bags ordered now for marching band will be delivered the first day of camp. Shoes ordered prior to 6/10/18 will be delivered the first day of camp. Shoes ordered after that will be delivered during camp, exact date TBD.


5/29           Jazz
5/31           Wind Ensemble &
                  Symphonic Band
6/06          Orchestra (at Boyce)

 Upcoming Events

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