In addition to our current sale helping to reduce our trip cost to Disney for all students, students who help out in our current sale can win prizes that will help reduce the balance of their own trip!

As outline below, students have the opportunity to win several gift cards during our current sale.

The exciting news is that this gift card can be issued by "The Band" and used as a credit towards your trip balance!!!!


Here is how it works:

New Sellers: (a new seller is defined as anyone who did not sell hoagies during our May Community Day Sale) 

  • Sell 10 or more hoagies and you will be entered into a raffle to win a $50 gift card or trip credit.
  • For every additional 10 hoagies you will receive another entry into the raffle.

Returning Sellers: (a returning seller is anyone who sold hoagies during the Community Day Sale in May) 

  • Sell 15 or more hoagies and you will be entered into a raffle to win a $100 gift card or trip credit!
  • For every additional 10 hoagies you will receive another entry into the raffle

We will also award the top overall seller with an additional $50 gift card or trip credit!

Please visit for information and forms.  Please also remember to look over our street listing and let us know what streets you will sell to.  An updated list has been posted today.


Thank you!

Amanda McQuillan




Click To Download Customizable Letter for Sales



HOAGIE ORDER FORM - Click To Download


August 2, 2017


Dear USC High School Band/Orchestra Member,


Our trip to Disney is only a few months away and so now is time for us to come together to help reduce the cost of our trip for everyone!


Hoagies are an easy sell- people want them!


BUT, we have found many people in our community do not currently have a sales person to take their order! To that end we would like to find out what areas of our community that are not being serviced.


Click here to see an alphabetical listing of streets in our township (newer developments will not be included, but please let us know about new streets!) Please take a moment to look this over and let us know what streets you plan visiting to sell hoagies for this sale. You can do this by emailing the names of the streets to by Friday, August 4.


We realize that there are many ways to sell hoagies (online and repeat customers) that may not always coincide with a particular street or neighborhood. It is not our intention to steal sales! We will use this information to direct new sellers or those who live in neighborhoods with multiple band/orchestra students, to viable and underserved sales locations.


Sales forms and information will be available, Thursday, August 3 so that you have the weekend in which to begin selling prior to band camp. At that time we will roll out information about our exciting incentive to get more people involved and sell more hoagies.


We sold just over 2,000 hoagies at our Community Day sale – and that was with only 48 of our roughly 200 plus group of musicians participating. Our goal is to sell at least 3,000 hoagies this sale, but I believe if everyone helps we can easily reach 4,000!


Thank you for your support!


Amanda McQuillan

Hoagie Chair


Shop @

If you shop at, a portion of your sale could be donated to the USCBPA.


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