USC Band Parents Association

The USCBPA is the organization that supports our students and parents in ALL SIX OF OUR BANDS:

  1. Marching Band (Instrumentalists, Auxiliary and Managers)
  2. Concert Band
  3. Symphonic Band
  4. Wind Ensemble
  5. Jazz Ensembles
  6. Orchestra


We allow the band, auxiliary, jazz, ensemble and orchestra directors to focus on developing the talent of our students by coordinating activities for the "Bands" and by providing additional resources where necessary. We work closely with the music directors, who are also members of the BPA, to assist them in whatever way possible.


In this day of cut backs and fund decreases, it is essential that we supplement the limited funds that are allocated to the band budget in order to enhance the educational experience of our students.  The best thing you can do is become active in the BPA. That doesn’t mean you have to volunteer for everything, but your participation is encouraged and appreciated. It takes an army of volunteers to make things run smoothly for the band and although they won’t admit it, your kids actually like having their parents involved in some band activities!


The primary mission of the BPA is to serve as an advocate for all USCHS instrumental students, and to encourage music participation in our school district. To enact that mission, we help organize and promote various fundraisers and events, and we offer membership to all high school instrumental families and music fans.



  • Leader Camp

  • Band Camp

  • Parent Salute Night

  • DCI and other special events

  • Band Banquet

  • Meals for Band and Guests

  • Recruiting (Fort on Field, Mentors, Mini Band Camp)

  • Snacks for Games and Festivals

  • Senior/Leader pages in Football Program

  • Band Banquet awards (letters, pins, certificates, plaques, book awards)

  • Senior Recognition (banners, photos)

  • Director's Fund (Community Day T-shirts, Band Camp Supplies)

  • Trip Expenses (Faculty and Trip Chair trip fees and clinics)



The cost is $25 per year per family to become Active Members, $10 per year for neighbors or alumni to become Associate members. For questions, please contact Alison Hess at


Most importantly, benefits of participation include the satisfaction of knowing that you have done your share in the support of your child in the "Bands."




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Why join the BPA?

Successful students make successful schools— which make thriving communities. Everyone benefits when you support our music department students!


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Ways to Connect with USCBPA

Facebook Group: USC Band Parents Association

You can text 81010 to join our groups. Send @uschsmb or @uscband or @uscorch, or all 3!