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Going to Disney?

We hope all of our Orchestra students are planning to join us on our big trip to Disney World in April 2018. To reduce the cost of the trip for all students, we have a number of fundraisers available to our musicians and their families.



Lottery Ticket Fundraiser
Going On NOW


Get packs of tickets
from Tara O'Brien

Please return ticket stubs and payment to Tara by June 15th.

Sold all of yours? Get more! We have 10,000 tickets to sell!



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Marching Band

Everyone please note:  All polos & bags ordered now for marching band will be delivered the first day of camp. Shoes ordered prior to 6/10/18 will be delivered the first day of camp. Shoes ordered after that will be delivered during camp, exact date TBD.


5/29           Jazz
5/31           Wind Ensemble &
                  Symphonic Band
6/06          Orchestra (at Boyce)

 Upcoming Events

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