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All Bands, All The Time.

Did you know that in addition to supporting the marching band, the BPA also supports all Upper St. Clair high school students who play all instruments - whether brass, woodwind, percussion, or string - in all ensembles?


We are enthusiastic and unflagging advocates for music in our schools. Given the economic constraints that schools everywhere face these days, we think this role is increasingly vital.


The BPA Committees from A to Z

The BPA helps band students through a variety of committees, each of which corresponds
to a fundraiser or event that we offer. We'd love for you to join one! Check out the list
below and see what interests you. Then contact the chairperson to join, or to get more

APPAREL - Cindy Dietrich (412) 463-5115

Maintains the inventory of items that band students, band parents, and band staff wear for
performances or events (or just around town!) when the full uniform is not required. Apparel
includes polo shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and "stuff sacks" or "stuff bags." This is an exciting year:
we're adding some new items to our apparel options! If you've got style, join this committee!


AUXILIARY APPAREL - Cheryl Welch (412) 221-1788

Fits the auxiliary squad (Pantherettes, Color Guard, and Majorettes) for their uniforms and
accessories, and helps maintain the uniforms throughout the year. If you like sequins and feathers
and props, join this committee!


BAND BANQUET - Renee Vasilko

Plans and organizes the annual band banquet for students and their parents. Traditionally held in
November, the banquet is an evening of dinner, skits, awards, and senior recognition. If you like
hosting celebrations, this committee is for you!

BAND FESTIVAL- Janie Hollenbach, Blanca Funaro, Todd Wheeler

Coordinates and oversees the annual Upper St. Clair Band Festival, when USC hosts other local high
school (and sometimes collegiate!) marching bands to perform at our stadium. This committee has
subcommittees for advertising, programs, candygrams, ticket sales, and a 50/50 raffe. If you have
communications and promotions skills, lend them to the Band Festival!


Every four years, we review our bylaws to ensure they are accurate and reflect all of our groups and their needs. 

CHAPERONES - Judy Rach, Becky Weber, Beth Busalacchi

Assembles and assigns duties to parent volunteers who accompany the marching band to football
games, parades, and festivals. Do you like hanging out with the kids, watching the games with other
parents, and the opportunity to observe (ok, spy on) your kid with his or her friends? Then join this

CITRUS - Jim Rieker

Runs the citrus fundraiser (which provides THE most beautiful and delicious oranges, grapefruit, and
tangelos from Florida!) in October/November, tracking orders and payment, coordinating delivery,
and supervising student shifts for unloading crates. Get in some strength training while you help out
the band (and there are plenty of jobs that don't require any lifting)!


Organizes our booth for Community Day, held on a Saturday in May every year.


This team tracks concession stand inventory on a weekly basis, determines our needs, places orders,
meets deliveries, and shops for items at Costco and Sam's. If you have any inventory experience, or if
you have a good sense of how to plan and buy food for a crowd, or if you're merely willing to do the
legwork after the quantity decisions are made, please join this committee.

CONCESSIONS MANAGEMENT - Liz Musser, Joyce Deluliis

Everyone works shifts in the concession stand for football and soccer games, and we have a good
time in there (we're not making this up!). Concessions management ensures that the concession
stand operates smoothly and consistently throughout the fall. This job is is organized by day of the
week and divided among several folks, so we have Monday managers, Tuesday managers,
Wednesday get the idea! This way, no one is overburdened, and managers can trade
days if need be. Concession managers oversee setup, assist parents when they come to work their
shifts, and help close up. Whether you're a people person or a behind-the-scenes person,
concessions management has a job for you!


Maintains the kits for painting street addresses on homeowners' curbs (if they agree to it 􀁿rst!) and
distributes the kits to students. Easy peasy!


  • Gift cards are available any time 
  • No cash accepted
  • Make checks payable to USC BPA (child's name in memo.)
  • Denominations of 50's and 100's (Giant Eagle will no longer let patrons BUY Giant Eagle gift
    cards in the stores WITH Giant Eagle gift cards. So no more turning a $100 GE gift card into 4
    $25 GE cards. If you foresee needing denominations other than 50s and 100s, let me know.)
  • You get full Fuel Perks when you use your gift cards

HISTORIANS - Andrew Halpner, Jim Rieker

Takes photos at games, parades, festivals, and all other events and activities in which the band
students participate, and then uploads these photos to the band's photo sharing site. The historians
also make scrapbooks (ladies, would it be bad form to suggest we help the gentlemen who are
chairing this committee with that particular task?) If you're a photo buff, please lend your talents to
this committee.

HOAGIES - Amanda McQuillan

Organizes three hoagie sales: one in August, one in January/February and one for Community Day. Coordinates vendors, orders supplies, directs hoagie assembly by students and parents, and tracks sales and expenses. Hoagiemaking sessions are a blast (it's true!) and the community does love our hoagies.

LUMINARIA - Paula Schmech-Myers and Heather Jamison

Coordinates the sale, assembly, and delivery of luminaria, the paper bag lanterns that USC families
can use to light up their sidewalks and curbs on Christmas Eve.

MEMBERSHIP - Linda Riemer

Joining the BPA is quick and easy! Just go to our About Us page for more details of how your
participation will help fund our programs and events.

PARENT SALUTE NIGHT - Diane Hall, Blanca Funaro

Organizes and runs the potluck dinner for all band families on the second Thursday of August band
camp. This is when the marching band debuts the halftime show for band families exclusively. It's an
exciting night!

PICTURE DAY - Allison Neiberg

Ensures that the marching band's photo day on the First Friday of band camp runs smoothly and
effciently by handling photo order forms, guiding students and sections to where they need to be,
and getting everyone ready for their close-ups. Some cat-herding skills are required, but it's a fun
day with the students!

POOL PARTY - Janet Devlin, Mary Ann Jenny

Plans and hosts a party for the marching band in the summer at Montclair pool. It’s the students’
first chance to get to know each other outside of rehearsals, and it’s a great job if you live in that

REFRESHMENTS - Ellen Halloran

Purchases, stores, and transports the marching band’s halftime snack (always a packaged item) and
water to home games and to the bus for away games.

RECRUITMENT - Julie Halpner, Amy Sarkett

Promotes the high school instrumental programs to the middle and elementary schools through
outreach, hospitality, and PR. This committee stages Fort on the Field, mini band camp, and various
social activities for HS band mentors and their Ft. Couch buddies. If you have a passion for nurturing
a culture of music at Upper St. Clair, join this committee!


Handles all the arrangements for Senior Night during football season, and ushers parents and
seniors from their arrival at the stadium through their announcement on the field. It’s a really
touching and enjoyable evening when we applaud our seniors for all their hard work, and support the
“senior” parents too!  Also coordinates creation and display of the senior canvax photos for the seniors in jazz, orchestra, and wind ensemble. 

UNIFORMS AND SHOES - Cindy Dietrich, Beth Hornak

Fits band members for uniforms, maintains the uniform inventory, opens the uniform room before
every call time to field requests for replacements, arranges mending, and maintains the highest standards in Stain Removal Intelligence. Also takes fittings and orders for marching shoes. If you're handy with a needle and thread, or if you're a laundry pro, this one is probably in your wheelhouse!


Fields inquiries from members and anyone among the general public who would like to buy, sell, or
trade an instrument; maintains the database of available instruments; and helps match buyers and

WEBSITE - Lori Miller, Zheng Ruan Luo

Updates and maintains USCBPA website. Please send any additions, changes or updates to Lori.  Like doing things on the PC?  We're always looking for a few good parents to help with the website and our Facebook group.


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Didn't order enough luminaria, or thought you were too late, don't worry there are still kits available. 

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Wreaths Across America

USCBPA is asking friends and family to sponsor wreaths at The National Cemetery of the Alleghenies for the holiday season. When you sponsor a wreath, you honor our military and help support our music program. The USC band programs have a long, proud tradition of participating in local Veterans' Day observances and parades. This fundraiser offers an opportunity to expand on that tradition.


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