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Why Volunteer?

We know you're busy with a million different things (because we are, too!). But there's just no downside to volunteering with the BPA:


The time you give us strengthens and promotes music in Upper St. Clair. Band students have commitments, opportunities, and needs all year round (like we have to tell you!). To keep all those balls in the air, we need your presence, not just your checks.


Staying close to your kids becomes a little bit more challenging when they're in high school (we probably don't have to tell you that, either). Volunteering as a band parent gives you an extra connection to them, plus the means to observe (ok...spy on) them with their friends.


By volunteering as a band parent, you get acquainted with the parents of the kids that your kid hangs out with - a welcome source of comfort and reassurance.


Maybe the biggest benefit of all: you get to make new friends. This can be challenging, too, when the kids are older. Volunteering for the BPA offers you a chance to have a good time, for a good cause, alongside your fellow band parents. Lifetime bonds have been forged this way!

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The BPA Needs You!

The BPA exists only to support the band kids. That's it. We definitely don't make hoagies at 6
a.m. or walking tacos at 9 p.m. to promote ourselves. While those things are fun (they are!), we
do them because we want to help the band and keep music alive in Upper St. Clair.


So please help us support these extraordinary kids by stepping forward and giving them a bit of
our time. In an organization of our size, it's common to think someone else will do it. But
someone else is you!

There are two ways for you to volunteer with the BPA:


The BPA has shifts available in concessions, chaperoning, and the annual band festival that we need you to fill. Shifts are not long-term commitments! They're just an evening or two out of your schedule. So please step up and take your turn. We thank you!


Some critical BPA positions still need to be filled for the 2017-18 school year. Please help us fill them! You won't be left alone to figure things out. We'll help, and nothing is too difficult. We just need willing and able volunteers!


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PMEA District I Festivals

Congratulations to our USC musicians who participated!

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Why join the BPA?

Successful students make successful schools— which make thriving communities. Everyone benefits when you support our music department students!