Giant Eagle Gift Cards







We are participating in Giant Eagle gift card bulk sales promotion - here's how it works:


  • Purchase Giant Eagle gift cards from the BPA, and the BPA receives 5% of the value of the cards toward reducing the cost of the spring trip for everyone. For example: buy $1,000 in Giant Eagle gift cards -- $50 goes into the Trip Fund!
  • Gift cards are good at all Giant Eagle stores, including Market District, Market District Express, and GetGo.
  • You still earn fuel perks on the gift cards you purchase when you use them.
  • The gift cards do not expire.
  • You can use Giant Eagle gift cards to purchase other gift cards Giant Eagle sells in store or online from retailers like Home Depot, Macy's, Starbucks, Amazon, movie theaters and restaurants...the possibilities are endless (and thus, so are the ways to add to the Trip Fund)!

Here's how to get your Giant Eagle gift cards:

  • Contact Susan Rosati to let her know the amount you'd like to order and to arrange a pick up time.
  • Cards are usually picked up at the Chair’s house, but you may be notified through if Susan will have cards available at BPA events, such as booster meetings or concerts.
  • Gift cards are available in denominations of $50 and $100, but other denominations can be ordered upon request.
  • No cash payments, please. Write a check (payable to USCBPA) for the full amount of your gift cards. Be sure to include your child’s name in the memo line, especially if someone other than you are buying the cards (grandma, aunt, neighbor, co-worker.)
  • This is a year-round fundraiser; cards will be available during summer months.


Questions? Contact Susan Rosati at or 412-418-9117



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Marching Band

Everyone please note:  All polos & bags ordered now for marching band will be delivered the first day of camp. Shoes ordered prior to 6/10/18 will be delivered the first day of camp. Shoes ordered after that will be delivered during camp, exact date TBD.


5/29           Jazz
5/31           Wind Ensemble &
                  Symphonic Band
6/06          Orchestra (at Boyce)

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