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2020-2021 Approved Budget        [Archives]


Bylaws & Standing Rules

2020-2021 Proposed Standing Rules

2018 USCBPA Bylaws

2019-2020 USCBPA Standing Rules



USCBPA Reimbursement/Payment Form

USCBPA Deposit Form

USCBPA Year End Report Form




USCBPA General Meeting Agenda 5/13/2020

USCBPA General Meeting Agenda 3/11/2020

USCBPA General Meeting Agenda 1/8/2020

USCBPA General Meeting Agenda 11/13/19

USCBPA General Meeting Agenda 10/9/19

USCBPA General Meeting Agenda 9/11/19

USCBPA General Meeting Agenda 8/14/19


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USCBPA General Meeting Minutes 3/11/2020

   Attachment to Minutes 3/11/2020

USCBPA General Meeting Minutes 1/8/2020

USCBPA General Meeting Minutes 11/13/19

USCBPA General Meeting Minutes 10/9/19

USCBPA General Meeting Minutes 9/11/19

USCBPA General Meeting Minutes 8/14/19


[Past Years]

Treasurer's Reports

Statement of Financial Position- May 2020

Income & Expense Report- May 2020

Budget vs Actual- May 2020


Statement of Financial Position- April 2020

Income & Expense Report- April 2020

Budget vs Actual- April 2020


Statement of Financial Position- March 2020

Income & Expense Report - March 2020

Budget vs Actual - March 2020


Statement of Financial Position- February 2020

Income & Expense Report- February 2020

Budget vs Actual- February 2020


Statement of Financial Position - January 2020

Income & Expense Report - January 2020

Budget vs Actual - January 2020


Statement of Financial Position - December 2019

Income & Expense Report - December 2019

Budget vs Actual - December 2019


Statement of Financial Position - November 2019

Income & Expense Report November 2019

Budget Vs Actuals November 2019


Statement of Financial Position October 2019 

Income & Expense Report October 2019

Budget Vs Actuals October 2019


Statement of Financial Position September 2019

Income & Expense Report September 2019

Budget Vs Actuals September 2019


Statement of Financial Position August 2019

Income & Expense Report August 2019

Budget Vs Actuals August 2019




BPA Meeting Dates 2020-2021 

  General Meetings are as follows:

Second Wednesday of the month
7:30pm, room 312 (Band Room)
(unless otherwise noted)

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2020 BCME Award

The USC School District was once again awarded 2020's Best Communities in Music Education (BCME) by the North American Music Makers (NAMM) Association.  Way to go USC!