Become a member of our Fruit Sales Team!


The perfect way to support our bands/orchestra! And, a perfect way for businesses to reward customers and employees.

Sales Pitch:
Get your daily burst of juicy goodness with Navel oranges, pink grapefruits, Hamlin juice oranges, mandarins, Washington Red Delicious apples, or all of the above! Community members look forward to this fundraiser just as they do with our hoagies. And businesses can participate too!


Sale Dates: Friday, Oct. 5th through Oct 22nd



1. Order Online! Go to

2. You can deliver their order!

Once your customer has selected their item(s) - the checkout process will ask them if they want to “give credit to a student.” They can select that student from a pull-down menu who will deliver the order. First Name and Last Initial (James Smyth = James S). If they don’t know, choose “unassigned”

3. Optional: Donate the order to those in need.

When ordering, buyers can choose the Donate option. Fruit is donated to SHIM, which has three fully-stocked food pantries at SHIM Center at Bethel Park, SHIM Family Center and Baldwin United Presbyterian Church are available to eligible neighbors.

4. If your customer prefers not to go online, you can go online for them! Have the buyer complete this form (Citrus Sale - Paper Form), write a check to your parents, and have your parent complete the online order with a credit card.







Jim Rieker - 412 914-0363




Delivery/Set-Up Information


Citrus Delivery and Setup: Friday, Nov.16th


USC Public Works Annex at Boyce Mayview Park near the

Community and Recreation Center. 1571 Mayview Road.


 7 - 8 a.m. : Parent volunteers needed.

3 - 5 p.m.: Parent and student volunteers needed.

Parent and/or Student On-Line Sign Up: or Students can look for sign-up sheets in the band room in November.


Citrus Pickup and Distribution: Sat, Nov. 17th


Same as above - the USC Public Works Annex.


8 - 11 a.m.:  Student and parent volunteers needed.

Parent and/or Student On-Line Sign: , or students: look for sign-up sheets in the band room in November.


Pick up Your Order: Sat, Nov. 17th, from 9 - 11 a.m.

at the USC Public Works Annex (address above).

Prompt pickup please!







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